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600mm Interlocking Concrete Blocks

600mm interlocking concrete blocks are ideal for building heavy duty retaining walls. They come in two types. Standard RWS 600mm blocks and the 600mm RWS – R blocks. The R stands for reinforcement. RWS – R have rebar duct holes that allow the construction of reinforced block cantilever walls. The RWS standard blocks can be used to build gravity and inclined retaining walls.

RWS 600mm standard and R type blocks can be purchased in 2 sizes. 1.8m, 1.5, 1.2, 0.9 and 0.6m long x 0.6m high and 0.6m wide.

The blocks are delivered to your premises or site on articulated wagons. The blocks have lifting eyes for simple and easy lifting. We also supply lifting clutches that you can hook onto your lifting plant. We will arrange transport and support you with your lifting requirement during the quotation process.

600mm RWS Standard Blocks

600mm Interlocking Concrete Blocks

600mm RWS – R Blocks

Our 600mm RWS – R blocks are a patented design. Please place your order through us to ensure you comply with the patent.

The two sizes of blocks are designed so rebar can be threaded and grouted within the construction of the wall. The walls are built in a half bond. For full design details on how to build reinforced cantilever block walls follow this link.

600mm Interlocking Concrete Blocks

How You Can Use 600mm Interlocking Concrete Blocks

600mm interlocking concrete blocks can be used for a large range of wall types including:

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