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About Retaining Wall Solutions

About retaining wall solutions – Hello, my name is Bob Evans, I am the happy chap in the video below. I come from the construction industry having built a successful civil engineering business from 1990 to 2005. Since then I have been supporting Leaders and Managers in the construction sector with construction marketing and business development.

This is an educational website fore retaining walls and you can also request prices if you have a retaining wall project.

I was the interim managing director of an Interlocking Block Manufacturer for a few years and invented the reinforced interlocking block retaining wall. We have designed and built a lot of these retaining walls as they are very economical and simple to build. Having said that there are many types of retaining wall on this website you can review and request prices.

I would recommend you download our Retaining Wall Design Guide, as this will give you a good overview of the different types of retaining walls. Watch the video below.

Compare Prices of Retaining Wall Types

Which retaining wall type is the most economical to build? I have written an article on retaining wall price comparisons. The article details the types of retaining wall and gives you a price of each type for comparison. Go to the Article.

Retaining Wall Engineering & Wall Design Service

We offer a design service to make sure your retaining wall and concrete lego block walls work. We design to BS 8002 Retaining Wall Design. BS 5628 Masonry Design and BS 8110 Structural Concrete Design.

Retaining Wall Design Process

The process to design a retaining wall is as follows:

Work out the project scope – What is the wall being designed to do and what are the load cases.

Determine the soil conditions – We need to understand the material that is being retained and the material the structure is sitting on. If the wall is retaining existing soil we need to understand the soils characteristics. Is it a sandy type soil or a clay type soil? What is bearing capacity of the soil the wall is being founded on?

Check for sliding – We will design the wall and carry out a number of checks to ensure the wall works. The first check is to make sure the wall does not slide.

Check overturning – The second check is to make sure the wall does not overturn.

Check bearing capacity – We check the ground bearing capacity can take the loads from the structure.

Complete structural design – Once all the checks are made we then complete the structural design making sure the correct amount of reinforcement and concrete is specified.