Retaining walls in gardens

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The idea of garden retaining walls is to give you an attractive and easy to build solution. Gardens can have limited access and the wall may need to built by hand rather than using heavy plant.

You can see a selection of different designs, from gravity, cantilever and reinforced soil. All these solutions can be built by hand and DIY with some basic training.

We recommend five type of garden retaining wall, Keystone, Porcupine, Chevloc, Masonry, and Geoweb. The blocks come in a number of colours.

Block gravity walls including Keystone, Porcupine, Chevloc walls can be built up to 750mm in height, Gabion basket gravity wall can be built up to 5m in height.

Reinforced soil retaining walls using keystone, porcupine and Chevloc blocks can be built up to 3m in height. The Geoweb retaining walls can be built up to 12 in height

Soil reinforcement is laying a geogrid mat in layers, normally every other block course. Soil is laid over each layer and consolidated creating a sandwich effect. The reinforced soil stops the soil from shearing creating a mass that acts as the main retaining structure. It is important the soil is the right quality for reinforcement, we can advise during the design stage.

The images on this page are a gabion basket and a Geoweb example designs. Designs come with a detailed report, calculations, material specifications and a sketch of the wall section.

Garden retaining walls fail because they have not been designed correctly, we highly recommend your retaining wall is designed by a structural engineer. You can two design a gabion basket gravity design and a Geoweb reinforced soil design.

The question everyone want to know is how much does a retaining wall cost. To answer this question we have created a retaining wall design and price guide. The guide details all the retaining wall types on the website, provide a design guide to allow you to cost out the wall yourself, or we have created a cost table you can use to calculate a budget for your project. You can also compare the cost of different wall types. Get your copy.

We have a three step process to support you with your retaining wall project.

Step 1 – Select the right solution for your requirements and budget.

Step 2 – Design the solution for your site and soil requirements.

Step 3 – Prepare material schedule to obtain competitive prices from our supply chain.

The next step is to ask us questions and tell us about your project, we can then support you to deliver it and probabley save you some money.