Whats inside the guide?

Everything you need to know about selecting the right type of retaining wall for your project. You can then check the price compared to other retaining wall types.

The guide includes a comprehensive retaining wall budget calculator that breaks down the budget into labour, plant and materials.

You can see which types of retaining walls use the least amount of site labour and time to build your project if time is a key driver.

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Retaining wall design and price guide

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    Retaining wall types

    Garden walls

    retaining wall

    A garden retaining wall is a retaining wall designed for gardens and housing projects, they are normally constructed from masonry, for example, bricks, stone or artificial stone.
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    King Post retaining wall

    King post
    retaining wall

    King post retaining walls use steel H posts with timber or concrete panels. King post walls use the least amount of excavation than any other retaining wall type.
    Learn more
    Precast L Shape Walls

    L shape
    retaining wall

    Precast concrete L shape retaining wall are fast to build. There are two types for retaining walls, bolt down and cast in. They need a structural foundation to be designed.
    Learn more
    Inclined Retaining Wall

    retaining wall

    Inclined interlocking concrete block retaining walls are one of the most economical retaining wall types. The vertical option use more blocks than the inclined option.
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    Reinforced masonry
    retaining wall

    Reinforced masonry or hollow block retaining walls are L shaped in form. The cavity of the blocks are filled with concrete connecting the wall to the foundation with steel reinforcement.
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    Reinforced Concrete Block Wall

    Reinforced block
    retaining wall

    The reinforced interlocking block retaining wall is L shaped in form. It uses less blocks than a gravity block retaining wall. The wall is connected to the raft using steel…
    Learn more
    Gabion Basket Garden Wall

    Gabion basket
    retaining wall

    Gabion basket retaining wall are very common and are ideal for locations where access is restricted. The design is based on the mass of the stone filled wire baskets using…
    Learn more
    Gravity Masonry

    Gravity masonry
    retaining wall

    Brick retaining wall are very common in housing projects. They can be attractive and easy to build for garden walls. The design is based on the mass of the wall.
    Learn more
    Criblock Wall

    retaining wall

    Criblock retaining wall is created by filling timber or concrete crib frames with stone. The dimensions are similar to a gabion basket retaining wall as the design principles are the…
    Learn more
    Concrete Block Flood Defence Wall

    Flood defence
    retaining wall

    There are a few options to build flood defence walls. They can be built using interlocking blocks or hollow concrete blocks. The concrete cavity stops the passage of water from…
    Learn more

    Our simple 3 steps
    Design process

    Step 1 - Decide on the type of retaining wall

    One of the hardest things to do is to select the right retaining wall type.

    Each retaining wall type has pros and cons.

    Our support can help you select the right one for your requirements and budget.

    Step 2 - Design the retaining wall

    Our structural engineer is a specialist retaining wall expert. We can turn around retaining wall designs in a matter of days.

    You will receive a full retaining wall report, a complete set of calculations, and a sketch showing you the design, including the material specifications.

    You will also be protected by our professional indemnity insurance allowing you to sleep at night.

    Step 3 - Use our supply chain to get the best build price

    We have a comprehensive supply chain for the supply only or supply and installation of your retaining wall once it has been designed.

    We can prepare material schedules and bills of quantities to give you a budget to work from.

    You can save time and money trying to find suitable suppliers and contractors using our service.

    Budget example – King post

    500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
    Labour 80 55 55 55 55 55 55
    Plant 350 202 163 108 86 72 61
    Materials 210 191 195 228 265 332 369
    Total 640 448 423 391 406 459 485
    Supply only 155 160 165 200 244 320 385

    The table above is an example showing budget rates for the king post retaining wall. Every project has different parameters for pricing, our budgets are an idea of cost only. The budgets do not include any earthworks. The budget is using 2022 prices.

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