Reinforced concrete block retaining wall

Cantilever Retaining Wall Using Concrete Interlocking Blocks

We have designed a cantilever retaining wall built from concrete interlocking blocks. The blocks have ducts that pass through the blocks. We pass reinforcement bars through the ducts to tie the blocks together and to connect the wall blocks to the foundation. The foundation together with the block wall act as a cantilever retaining wall.

The height of the wall, the size of the foundation and the details of the reinforcement can be taken from our design table below. The design table has design assumptions so we recommend that every retaining wall is analysed to ensure they work. The main design variables are ground conditions and any surcharge load.

Cantilever Retaining walls Design Table

The table below has been developed to help you value engineer your retaining wall. We would recommend that you  download our retaining wall design guide. This will allow you to compare costs of each type of retaining wall we build.

The design table below presents Indicative designs based upon a base material with allowable bearing pressure of >200kPa.

The retained material is assumed to be well graded, granular backfill with back of wall drainage or weep holes to relieve hydrostatic pressure.

All indicative information presented in this table is based upon assumed loading and ground conditions and may be subject to change following detailed, site specific design.

Cantilever Retaining Wall

Patent Pending

Our design concept of reinforced interlocking concrete blocks is an original idea we have filed a patented. The patent is now pending. The patent has been filed by Virtus Concrete Solutions Ltd our block supply partner.

Retaining Wall Design Guide

The retaining wall design guide includes design tables for gravity retaining walls, inclined retaining walls, reinforced earth retaining walls and reinforced block retaining blocks. By taking note of the cost index you can select the most economical solution for your project. The guild also gives details of the blocks. We are here to support you through the whole process of designing and building your project.

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