Retaining Wall Types, Retaining Wall Price Comparison

Retaining Wall Price Comparison

Retaining Wall Price Comparison – Which retaining wall type is the most economical to build? We get asked this question a lot.

Firstly, we recommend you download our price comparison guide it will give you a more detailed overview of how to get a price for a retaining wall. Haven’t got time to read? Use the enquiry form on this page and we will build a budget for you.

Now let’s look at the different types of retaining wall.

There are two main categories of retaining walls.

  • Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Cantilever Retaining walls

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Gravity Retaining walls Price Comparison

Gravity retaining wall uses the mass to the wall to act as the resistance to the retained earth. These are the main types:

  • Gabion basket – Wire baskets filled with stone
  • Interlocking concrete blocks
  • Inclined Interlocking blocks
  • Masonry Walls
  • Criblock
  • Mass concrete walls

Cantilever Retaining Wall Prices

Cantilever retaining walls are L shape in their form. There are a number of options :

  • King Post
  • L Shape Pre-cast concrete
  • Reinforced interlocking block
  • Reinforced masonry
  • Cast in-situ concrete

Criblock Retaining Wall Prices

Criblock retaining walls are built by the construction of timber or concrete frames. Each frame is locked into each other and filled with stone. There are two main types:

  • Concrete Criblock
  • Timber Criblock

Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall Costs

Reinforced soil retaining walls use the retained earth as the retaining structure. The earth is layered with geo-textile material between the layers that reinforce it.

There are many types of reinforced soil retaining walls. Geotechnical engineers design them as the soil type is important.

Retaining Wall Price Comparison Table

The table shows you the retaining wall price comparison of eight different types of retaining walls.

The prices are based on a retaining wall 50m long. This was to give some scale for pricing. The prices are based on standard designs and a standard soil type. Please note the prices are only a guide. The true price of a retaining wall will depend on the final designed based on local site investigation information.

The price per m2 will change from location to location and with the scale of the project. Prices for walls less than 50m will go up.

The cost driver for the wall vary for the type of wall. For example the cost driver for gabion basket and criblock walls is the cost of the stone fill. This cost can change quite a lot depending on location.

Whats Included and Excluded in The Rates?

The rates include:

  • The wall units for example, concrete blocks, L shape units, criblock units, gabion baskets and stone fill for the criblock and gabion baskets.
  • Delivery to site of the units within England and Wales.
  • Concrete foundation including formwork, reinforcement and concrete
  • Full Installation of the wall.

The rates exclude:

  • Any site establishment works.
  • Any access preparation works including hardstandings and the like to the site.
  • Earthworks and Excavation works.
  • Excavation in hard ground.
  • Excavation within the water table.
  • Backfilling and earthwork finishing to the retaining wall except for the reinforced earth wall.

Which Type of Retaining Wall Is Best For You?

We can offer the following services:

  • Retaining wall selection
  • Retaining wall supply
  • Retaining wall design including calculations
  • Development of working drawings and reinforcement schedules

Retaining wall design including calculations

Development of working drawings and reinforcement schedules

Good ground conditions data is critical for the correct design of a retaining wall.

We can offer the following services:

  • 2D and 3D drawings of the walls
  • Wall design including calculations
  • Development of working drawings and reinforcement schedules.

Every project is different so we can only provide prices from a detailed conversation with you

If you are looking for some support to select a retaining wall type or if you have questions got to contact us and complete our form .

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