Inclined retaining walls


Inclined retaining walls – Rampsbeck hotel

We were approached by a contractor to value engineer an inclined retaining wall. The original design was an inclined gabion basket retaining wall. We reviewed the levels and redesigned the structure using interlocking concrete blocks. The contractor wanted a fast build and the gabion solution was slow.

The diagram below shows the profile of the bank. We designed a wall to retain the earth using the profile. The contractor provided us with a site investigation report. The ground bearing capacity was 100kN/m2. This gave us a few issues as the mass of the wall was causing failure with this constraint. We designed the first two courses of blocks to be reinforced into the raft. We then made the raft slightly larger than our standard design to ensure the design worked.

Inclined retaining walls built using concrete blocks are very competitive as they use less blocks than standard gravity retaining walls. The incline with the aid of gravity gives a little more resistance to the forces.


Rampsbeck 3

The table below is our standard wall heights and foundation design. This table gives you some idea of what is possible. The example above proves that all walls need to be checked to ensure they work with the local ground investigation information.

Inclined retaining walls

Retaining wall design and price guide

We have free design and price guide to support contractors and engineers with different types of retaining wall types and designs. Click on the link below and download your copy. It’s essential reading and may give you some ideas for your next project.

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