Retaining Wall Services

We can support you in a number of ways. From proving you with basic retaining wall knowledge to a full site investigation, retaining wall design, supply and build service.

Retaining Wall Consultation

Send our experts your images and tell us about your retaining wall project. Our skilled engineers will offer you a range of different options along with a project budget.

Who its for :
People who know may be new to retaining walls and have a problem they need to solve.

The process :
Our consultants will arrange a call to you questions about the problem you have and give practical advise.

The outcome :
Following the consultation call we will send over a summary of your retaining wall options along with a technical drawing and budget calculation.

£60.00 (tax)
Total: £360.00
Desktop Site Investigation Report

Unsure about the ground conditions on your site? We can carry out a desktop study.

The process :
We will investigate the nearest national bore hole data in your area whilst studying the geology in your area. We may ask you to excavate a trial pit to the depth of the wall and photograph the hole, collect a sample of the earth at the bottom of the hole and tell what happens when you squeeze it.

Who does it :
The study will be carried out by a qualified structural engineer.

The outcome :
At the end of the desktop study we will give you an assessment for the retaining wall design.

£100.00 (tax)
Total: £600.00
Retaining Wall Design Calculations

Our team will complete a full design for your retaining wall and provide calculations as well as a section through the wall.

The outcome :
On completion of the work we will supply you with a report including all the calculations and a drawing showing the section through the retaining wall.

£200.00 (tax)
Total: £1,200.00
Supply Chain Access

We can give you access to our comprehensive supply chain in the retaining wall industry. Over the years we have built good relationships with a number of recommended retaining wall suppliers all over the UK. We know who has stock, we know supplier prices, we know the cost of transport from the supplier to your location. This knowledge allows us to select the best supplier to give you the best price for your retaining wall type and location.

What's included
The Retaining Wall Consultation Service including options and budget for project.
Complete access to our network of suppliers and a recommendation for the best supplier for your project.

Remember : Picking the wrong supplier can cost you anywhere from £1,000 to £20,000 depending on the size of your project.

£80.00 (tax)
Total: £480.00
Topographical Survey and Drawing

Our experts will carry out detailed survey of your project.

The outcome :
On completion of the work you will receive a 2D drawing of your project with all the site levels.
You can then plan the project more accurately using the site levels.

Pricing is based on a single day rate. The number of days depends on the complexity of the project.

Use the quantity box to add more days.

£144.00 (tax)
Total: £864.00
Retaining Wall Construction Drawings

Our team can provide 3D and 2D drawings of your project including plans, sections and construction methodology.

The outcome :

  • On completion of the work you will have construction drawing you can give to contractor to obtain competitive prices and for the construction of the project.
  • This price is based on a fee for a single day. Ask for an estimated project length before getting started.

Add number of days in the quantity box when making your purchase.

£100.00 (tax)
Total: £600.00