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Timbalok Retaining Walls

Timber crib of Timbalok retaining walls are a modular retaining wall which can retain earth to heights of up to 10meres

Timbalok Retaining Wall Design

The Timbalok retaining walls are designed to BS EN 1997 – I: 2004 and Euro codes BS EN 1995 0 1 – 2: 2004 geotechnical design (EC7)

We can provide full working drawings and design calculations for building control and structural stability. All calculations are based on the clients site data in accordance with the above standards.

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Timbalok retaining walls

Timbalok Retaining wall system

Eco – Friendly Promise

Timbalok retaining walls are manufactured from stress graded European timber from sources protected by an excellent Government organised replacement programme.

All Timbalok components are FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certified.

Growbags can be provied to allow plants to have a home within the wall. This gives the wall a very good aesthically pleasing wall surface.

Timbalok Retaining Wall Specification

Timbalok is a timber crib retaining wall system.

Timbalok comprises of a range of purpose designed interlocking timber components ensuring a cost effective form of construction.

Timbalok provides an environmentally enhancing, aesthetically pleasing retaining wall solution.

Timbalok retaining wall components have a guarantee of 60 years, therefore ensuring earth retention for decades.

All components are pressure treated with Tanalith E3494 to BS8417:2011


Timbalok components are delivered palletised for ease of off-loading and site distribution.

Delivery is normally in 25 tonne loads on articulated lorries, and any local restrictions with regard to lorry size should be made known at the time of placing the order.

Dimensional Tolerances

Dimensional tolerances for Timbalok components are based on the guidance given by BS EN 336

Any special requirements concerning dimensions should be made known by the Engineer at the pre-contract stage and accompanied by drawings.

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