Precast retaining walls

Precast L-shaped retaining walls: A quick overview

Download the video slides

Precast concrete L-shaped retaining walls come in three different methods of construction:

  • Modular
  • Bolt down
  • Cast in

The modular type is used in material bays and is not suitable for retaining walls. While the bolt-down type is bolted-down to a designed foundation to take greater loads. The cast-in type is a heavy-duty retaining wall, and the base is cast into a raft, giving it greater strength.

Precast modular concrete retaining walls come in various finishes, plain, textured and coloured textured concrete. 

The design table for a bolt-down type retaining wall is included in the video. The design table has the wall heights at the top, the width, length, and weight of each L-shape, the foundation base width and depth, and the allowable surcharge amount.

From the design table, you can see the basic design principles, and from this information, we can carry out a cost analysis. We recommend that you watch the design video to learn more about the design process. We have put the cost analysis data into our retaining wall design and price guide, you can get all the data to develop your own retaining wall budget for all wall types within the guide.

We have included an example to work out a budget. From the designs in the table, we have created a bill of quantities and put together some costs. The budget is based on a wall over 50 linear metres long, so the wall has some scale. For example, if the wall is two metres high and one hundred metres long, that’s two hundred square metres with the rate is £254 per square metre. The table also gives you the labour, plant, and material calculations.

An L-shaped wall table of sizes and more information is available on the L shape wall type info page.

If you have a question, please use the ask a question or complete the price request form if you would like us to help you with a more accurate budget price.