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Welcome to retaining wall solutions uk your one stop shop for retaining wall design, wall types, prices and supply chain.

The aim of retaining wall solutions is to support people that may not know or understand retaining wall types and design principles. You will find lots of information on all the different types and the design principles of retaining walls.

To learn all about retaining wall design principles and types, download our Retaining Wall Guide below. You will learn about the different types of walls, the design principles and you can compare the costs of different types of walls.

Retaining Wall Price Guide

Which retaining wall type is the most economical to build? We have written an article on retaining wall price comparisons. The article details the types of retaining wall and gives you a price of each type for comparison. Go to the Article.

Retaining Wall Supply Chain

On the top menu you will find our retaining wall supply chain page. We have listed retaining wall suppliers and retaining wall contractors. The contractors are all professional companies that carry out civil engineering projects within the UK. You are not sure which one to select please get in touch and we will support you.

Retaining Wall Design Guide

We have produced a guide that details a number of retaining wall types. The guide explains the design principles of retaining walls and lots of other information to support you with your project. Read the detail below and download your copy.

Retaining Wall Solutions UK Types

Select a retaining wall type below to learn more about the different retaining walls you can build. To understand how a retaining wall works, download the brochure above. We have written a section on retaining wall design and how the different types of walls work. If you are not sure which type to select make contact using the telephone number or complete the form on the contact us page.

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Flood Defence

Heavy Duty Flood Defence Walls

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We offer a full retaining wall design and build service. We can design solutions for flood protection, riverbank protection, sea walls of all kinds, canal wall of all kinds, gravity retaining walls, reinforced block retaining walls, reinforced earth retaining walls, inclined block retaining walls. We are are a national contractor with a flexible installation team happy to travel any where within the UK. Call and give us some details of your project and we can see if we can support you. Our concrete batching plant ensures your blocks are manufactured to the highest standard.