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Gabion Basket Retaining Walls

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Gabion Basket Garden Wall

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Gabion Basket Retaining Walls

Gabion Basket Retaining Walls

Gabion basket retaining walls are a gravity type retaining wall that uses stone filled wire baskets. They are very similar to our concrete block design but can be more economical.

Gabion basket retaining walls allow water to escape if large stone is used to fill the baskets. If not back drainage may be required to stop any build up of hydrostatic pressure building up behind the wall that can cause failure.

A number of materials can be used to construct Gabion basket retaining walls. The selection of the material is dependent on the budget and design life span of the wall.

Gabion Basket Sizes

The general specification and gabion basket sizes are:

Retaining Wall Solutions

The stone fill for the baskets is important to understand as the design of the wall depends on the mass of the structure. Different materials have different mass. For example:

  • Basalt 1650
  • Brick 1240
  • Broken concrete 1340
  • Granite 1600
  • Limestone 1440
  • Sandstone 1390
  • Shingle 1500

We can advise you on the best material and manufacture from your project brief.

Gabion basket retaining walls are an economical solution for many projects. Having said that we can give you a full analysis of the best type of retaining wall from your enquiry.

Contact us and let’s see how we can value engineer your project using the best solution.

Gabion Basket Design Service

The design of a retaining wall requires knowledge of the retaining material, the water table, the ground bearing capacity and any site constraints. The design requires a ground investigation and a structural engineer to ensure the design is fit for purpose.

We offer a full design service from carrying out the ground investigation to final working drawings of the structure. Complete our contact form or call us on 07896 246 224 and we will work with you to construct your project.

Gabion Basket Calculator

If you know the height and length of the wall you want to build using gabion baskets link on the calculator link and it will send you to the find mesh metals website. You can input the data and the calculator will design the wall and give you a price for the baskets and stone. Gabion Basket Calculator

Gabion Retaining Wall Contractors

If you are looking for a gabion retaining wall contractor go the supply chain menu and you will find a list of contractors and suppliers

Get a Quote for Gabion Basket Retaining Walls

We can give you a quotation for the supply and delivery of the blocks only or we can give you a proposal for design, supply and installation. You can request a call back by completing our form on the contact us page or call the number below during normal office hours.

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