Flood Defence Walls

Flood Defence Walls

Flood Defence Walls
Flood Defence Wall

Reinforced Concrete Lego Block Flood Defence Walls

With the planet warming up giving us some issues with heavy rain and flash floods we need to protect our assets. To this end we have developed a range of fast construction concrete lego block flood defence walls.

Most flood defence wall are less than 2m. We have designed three walls with heights of 900mm , 1500mm and 2100mm. We can build higher if required.

The wall are constructed from two 300mm concrete lego block walls with either a water proof membrane between or a cavity filled with concrete. See the the examples above.

We can help you design your flood defences if required.

We have also developed a concrete block flood defence guide. Down load it to learn more about our products and the design principles behind our designs.

Compare Prices of Retaining Wall Types

Which retaining wall type is the most economical to build? We have written an article on retaining wall price comparisons. The article details the types of retaining wall and gives you a price of each type for comparison. Go to the Article.

L Shaped Precast Concrete Wall Design Service

The design of a retaining wall requires knowledge of the retaining material, the water table, the ground bearing capacity and any site constraints. The design requires a ground investigation and a structural engineer to ensure the design is fit for purpose.

We offer a full design service from carrying out the ground investigation to final working drawings. Complete our contact form or call us on 07896 246 224 and we will support you and your project.

Other Retaining Wall Types

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We can give you a quotation for the supply and delivery of the blocks only. Alternatively, we can give you a proposal for design, supply and installation.

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