Flood defence for homes case study

The owner of the Town Mill holiday lets in Dowles Brookes was looking for a flood defence solution following an increase in flooding.

Town Mill is located approx. 1km North West of Bewdley and is approx. 6.5 acres in size which includes a large garden area and woodlands.

Flood defence for homes

The photo above shows the extent to which waters rose during heavy rainfall in 2007 and 2012. The proposed flood barrier will ensure that such extensive damage is not inflicted upon the holiday let in the future.

The proposed wall will protect the property against the 1 in 100 year event + climate change flows to Dowles Brook.

The proposed wall will be at a typical height of 1.909m above the finished floor level of the property at an ordnance datum height of 29.679, which provides protection from the 1 in 100 year event + climate change and a minimum 300mm freeboard.

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Wall levels

We prepared a plan of the walls with spot levels at each corner to work out wall heights.


Flood defence for homesFlood defence for homes


Hollow block retaining wall design

We designed a hollow block (Stepoc) retaining wall consisting of a reinforced raft and 254mm wide Stepoc blocks.

The hollow block solution was ideal as the concrete fill seals the block joints preventing the flow was water through the joints.

The Stepoc blocks are laid dry allowing fast construction.

We designed three wall heights reducing the steel reinforcement to reduce costs.

Budget pricing

We prepared a bill of quantiles and priced it to give the customer guidance to construct the wall. The budget was developed to give the customer an option to self-project manage using local tradesmen and an option to use a contractor who would then take on the build risk.

The bill of quantiles budget was priced July 2022.

The self-project management rate m2 was £309 m2 and the contractor build £383 m2.

The labour element within the bill of quantities shoed the total man hours was 308 giving the duration of 22 working days with a 3-man gang.

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The prices above do not include any excavation to form the retaining wall and no stone filling behind the retaining wall. The rate only includes the supply and construction of the retaining wall.


Every project is different regarding soil type, scale, site access and location. Every project needs to be priced from the structural engineer’s calculations, specifications, and drawings. Budgets are July 2022 prices.

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